July 24, 2014

New song, more mellow than ever:


This pen it weighs a tonne
But this ink still finds a way to run
Watching all her thoughts go by
Like watching all the clouds float by

She holds me, with a little distant care
And all my innocence, is learning how to disappear
Tell me how do I stay here
Spinning in her misty gravity air
No one here to rescue me

My beautiful liar

She loves me, with a little disregard
And I fall hard, showing I’m my father’s child
And each blade cuts deeper than the one before
“Tell me that you’ll love me more”
I’m singing in the rain outside her door
I’m naïve, I love without care
Knowing I’ve been down this road before
Oh my skin says she’s so beautiful, but a beautiful lie
But what good is the truth when I’ve got you
My beautiful liar
My beautiful liar

*’Bare feet BW’ - Thomas Saliot - Oct 2012

July 19, 2014

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July 14, 2014

Another song; one truly for the mellowed out archive. This one is about entrapment as much as it is about the yearnings of a young sparkling star in the galaxy somewhere as it gazes at the sun with jealousy. Crazy stuff i know.


These days, these days; I wanna fly
But they say, stay here my child, closer to mine, turn down your shine
And I, in time, will grow wings
Some big majestic things
This world, this world, was made for my eyes
But this love, this suffocating love
Is turning me blind, though I’m still a child
And I, in time, will breathe fire
And burn down my desires

And I, I’m so tired
I think I’ll fall asleep, I think I’ll fall asleep
And dream ; I’ll dream of a place
I’ll dream; dreaming of home

July 12, 2014

A cloudy afternoon live cover of John Mayer’s ‘Stop This Train’.

July 11, 2014

Lazy afternoon straight recording of ‘Sidewalks and Clockhands’

June 28, 2014
"I am not alone, I’m just focused in my zone, this is easy"

— Raleigh Ritchie

June 6, 2014

This song is kinda weird for me; to explain I mean. It came off casual practicing, and once you get a really good idea it’s difficult to push it to one side. So, lyrics - well I went to Kenya in 2010 as part of a sixth form “once-in-a-lifetime” trip before all high-schoolers scurry off into the next chapter of their lives.

And it was a brilliant trip, almost unfathomably so in fact. The country was just beautiful, not just in view and experience but in people and culture; and this was especially a standout for me having grown up in Zimbabwe for 11 years and summing up my view of black Africa and what “we” as a people are all like. So to sum it up, it was a game-changing experience personally.

Nowadays when I hear of any turmoil in Kenya - terrorist attacks and bombings, it really does hurt. And my keeping contact with one or two people I met there and tracking our lives together - however different, it feels almost personal every-time it happens.

So this song speaks of peace and the goodness of a people through the ‘non-stories’ that I present, saying that happiness is found in even the tiniest of details, and sometimes it is necessary to preserve these little things in order to protect the essence of who you are; as a country or as a person.

Lyrically I’m not as deep as I seem, but I believe that every good story deserves to be told beautifully. Reru, Kisumu and Nairobi the backdrop to an unforgettable two weeks, testament of a song written over 4 years later.



His name is Jacob, His name is Jacob.
He’s 10 years old
He loves watching football
With dad at home
Oh Kenya, Kenya
Oh Kenya, Kenya

Her name is Miriam, she says call me Mimi
Or she’ll ignore
She‘s getting married tomorrow
He lives next door
Oh Kenya. Kenya
Oh Kenya, Kenya

May 15, 2014

May 13, 2014

Here it is, 'Burn' originally called This House is On Fire but that’s a mouthful, and I do say the word burn about a thousand times.

A song mainly about letting the anger of things unsaid erupt, take over, and then deal with the consequences later. Lyrics below.

Tears on the pillows
The sheets and the floor
This house is on fire, this house is on fire

So burn baby
(Burn, burn, burn…)
Oh Baby just burn
Oh burn baby burn
Oh burn baby burn

When your heart’s in the autumn, the summer or spring
You can set them free; oh you can set them free
But when the streets are all snowy
And the trees are all bare
You come back to me, you do; you always come back to me

So burn baby burn
(Burn, burn, burn)
Oh Baby my baby burn
Oh burn, burn like the sun burns it
Oh burn, burn all your pain away babe and burn

And burn it all till the dust rise up and the floorboards creak
(My love)
And we feel that heat beneath our feet
(My love)
And the siren howls and the walls turn black

When we’re caught in a moment and the flames have died down
Will you stay with me, will you? Or take your things and leave?
Baby just burn
Ooh just burn

May 12, 2014

Another collaboration, a little different this time; with creative UK rapper Just Chris and WLVS producing this track again - two uber talented guys. I’m on the hook which I wrote and Chris does his thing. Have a listen, he is musically very promising.

Oh yeah, and a sizable snippet of Paris Carney in the track too, Los Angeles based singer.
Links: Just Chris soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/tinyldn
WLVS soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/wlvs
Paris Carney soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/pariscarney

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